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8 Exciting Things You Can Do in Ketchikan Besides Fishing

Although you may have traveled to Ketchikan for some of our world-class fishing, it’s likely you don’t want to spend your entire time here searching for Salmon and Halibut.

While we may live and breathe fishing and are known as the “Salmon Capital of the World”, there’s so much more to Ketchikan. Our location at the southern end of Alaska’s Inside Passage and in the midst of the Tongass National Forest puts us right in the middle of the some of the most scenic wilderness in the world. Continue reading “8 Exciting Things You Can Do in Ketchikan Besides Fishing”


6 Ways Round Boats Can Be Powered Across the Water

The idea for modern round boats came from the ancient coracle, or a type of boat used as far back as the Bronze Age (3,000 BC) for fishing and transportation. There was only one way to power these boats back in those days, and of course it involved a lot of manual effort.

Modern-day round boats are not revolutionary for the concept, but rather how they’re made – molded polyethylene (plastic) produces a light weight craft that doesn’t leak, is stable and cost effective.

Not only do modern round boats have more advanced materials than ancient coracles, they have more sophisticated ways of moving across the water.

Continue reading “6 Ways Round Boats Can Be Powered Across the Water”

Sun Protection Clothing For Males To Stay Safe And Also Fun Outdoors

Over and over again the experts repeatedly are saying to take care of your skin. To look younger in the long run, one must act now. There are many choices that claim to help protect our skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Continue reading “Sun Protection Clothing For Males To Stay Safe And Also Fun Outdoors”

Hawaiian Cruise Vacation Resources

A cruise is very different from any other type of vacation. If you’ve never been on one before, you’ll want to know what to expect and what to be prepared for. With a little knowledge on how to avoid hassles, a cruise can be the getaway of a lifetime. Continue reading “Hawaiian Cruise Vacation Resources”

Whether you’ve been fishing all your life or you’ve never held a rod before, a deep-sea fishing charter in the waters off Cancun is an experience to remember. The waters are crystal blue, deep and endless, and the fish are plentiful. You may catch mahi mahi (also called dolphin), bonita, marlin, shark, amberjacks, sailfish, or many other species. Offshore fishing is best from January through June.

Throughout the year, Lake Isabella Family Fishing Center is regularly stocked with “kid-sized” fish to make it easier for families to “wet” a line and catch a fish. In addition, fish attracters, such as underwater rock and oak structures, have been strategically placed throughout the lake. Lake Isabella offers visitors a clean, accessible shoreline and fishing pier. Rowboat rentals are available for offshore fishing.

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Unlike the lighthouse and museum, the state park is open year round. This gorgeous landscape was acquired by Rhode Island in 1980. Stay in your vehicle and enjoy panoramic scenes from four overlooks. Or, step out onto grassy carpets for a picnic, maybe a sunbath. For adventurous types, there are walking and biking paths. There is also a super naturalist program hosted by Beavertail Museum. Venture closer to Narragansett Bay by climbing onto huge slabs of rocks creating the coastline. Or, walk down the rocks to discover calm inlets, little serene beaches, spritz of ocean water. There is great saltwater fishing too.

Walk-on fishing charters are where small groups get together with other small groups and share the cost of the charter. The advantage to a walk-on, shared expense fishing charter is cost. Not everyone has the funds to pay for a private charter. Walk-on fishing allows you to go for the charter price at a per person rate.

Travel south for the winter? You can’t get much further south than Key West. You can escape the snow and get a tan all at the same time. No worries about the winter-time fishing opportunities either. Go back-country to tap those beautiful baby tarpon or snag some snook. Head off to the flats and chase those ever elusive bonefish. Do it on the fly for double points and kudo’s. Or take on those pulling titan permits. Such an odd looking fish to me but man can they pull. You won’t be disappointed.

Although there are many other fishing spots in the country, none of them offer the same exciting experience that Alaska fishing tours can give you. You can get to enjoy your stay and go fishing in style at a really affordable price. You can really get a unique and rewarding experience whenever you go fishing in Alaska.

Aye Aye Captaintake Me To Finest Florida Fishing

For about three hours it was a question of who caught who after Captain Joe Maisano of Treasure Island, Fla., and fisherman Fab Marchese of Ontario, Canada hooked a great white shark about 30 miles off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Whether you are looking for inshore or offshore destinations, you will find great spots in this article. Some great inshore destinations are places like Lake Calcasieu, Indian River Lagoon or Pamlico Sound. In Hackberry Louisiana at Lake Calcasieu, you will find the best topwater fishing ever. This is the spot to be for Speckled trout. At Indian River Lagoon in Stuart Florida, you have a wide variety of fish. Here you will find snook, tarpon, jack crevalle, speckled trout, bluefish, false albacore, ladyfish, flounder, red drum, pompano, permit, dolphin, king mackerel and sailfish.

ACCOMODATION AND GETTING AROUND: You can rent a hotel in Anchorage. Remote areas have a vast number of Fishing Lodges and Camps with fishing guides and necesary equipment. For those who prefer to fish offshore there are Alaska saltwater fishing Charters.

While in the boat, you and your guests will be able to see the beautiful water and other natural habitat, such as a coral reef, sea birds and sea turtles.

Now if you are a first-time boat buyer or an individual who will take a chance on the fishing industry, you will find that boat-buying can be a daunting and overwhelming task. You will be surprised to know that there are quite a number of boats and ships out there. But do not let the fear of the unknown hamper your dreams of sailing or making a living through fishing. Here are some guidelines that can help you to choose and look on superior and strong boats.

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A couple of other great places for offshore fishing is Charleston South Carolina where you will find yourself using the trolling technique to hook a dolphin or billfish. Usually starting in late March and staying all summer until sometime in November. Freeport Texas is somewhere you can go for some bottom fishing in a small boat near Galveston. Snapper, grouper and ling are what you will find here. It’s the best place for Red Snapper. Fort Lauderdale Florida is the place for some peaceful night fishing and Swordfish is what you prey. South Florida has the best night fishing ever.

Some good fishing charters are spread out over more than a single day. You may wish to stay over in the local hotel, giving you the chance to get up early and rejoin your expedition on the subsequent days. Depending on what time of year you’re planning on visiting an area, you may want to book your accommodations well in advance. You never know when an area’s hotels will fill up and you don’t want to endure the inconvenience of having to commute each morning. Pick a hotel near the marina and you’ll have that much less traveling to do each day.

One tradition all visitors to Door County should try is the fish boil. Even if you do not enjoy fish it is worth checking out the theatrics and the pyrotechnics of the fish boil, and even if you do not like fish, the succulent, boiled fillet may change your mind about fresh water fish.

If you are interested in tournament fishing, you can easily find numerous ones being held all over Florida, but you don’t have to enter a tournament to enjoy the spectacular fishing. There are also several available charters to generously help in all of your fishing vacation needs, or you can bring your own boat and “go it alone” with the fish. It truly is up to you, Florida can fulfill the fishing dreams of all fishermen, no matter what they are.

HAVE FUN! Galveston offers that special experience when you go on vacation to relax and enjoy the time you have together. Water Parks, museums, beach, surf, and great food, what else could you ask for!

What To Watch Out For For From A Fishing Guide

Fishing is an enjoyable hobby that is popular around the world. This sport is many years old and is enjoyed by professional and amateur fisher men and women. Fishing can be a family activity and is often passed from a father to a son or a daughter. Many women enjoy the sport of fishing year old in various parts of the world; this sport is not limited to men. Fishing involves the pursuing and catching of various types of fish. Many of these fish are then mounted on the wall as a trophy declaring the great catch. Some of the most sought after fish are beautiful fish such as Snook, King Fish, Tuna and Shark.

Since you would be going fishing at night, it is advisable to carry an effective bug spray. You don’t want to spend the night swatting bugs instead of fishing peacefully. Taking a fishing guide along with you is a good idea.

Also try and find a charter who is located centrally to the fishing area. Nothing could be worse on your fishing vacation then spending most of your time traveling instead of fishing. Again it is the communication before your fishing trip that helps you to insure your used fishing boats trip will be enjoyable, so feel free to ask where they would suggest fishing and compare that to the location of the boat.

tampa florida fishing guides On th December Argo Merchant was grounded in high wind near Nantucket Island Massachusetts. As a result, there was a spill of 7.7 million gallons fuel oil.

tampa fishing guides

Drought/Freeze-Native-Butterflies-goes everywhere, up trees and across the ground as a vine or ground cover. It blooms and does well in all lighting.Even without the attractive orange trumpets, the foliage is lacy and distinctively attractive. It blooms all year around, but more so in the summer.

This plant will tampa bay fishing guides grow in shade or sun will bloom in shade or sun though it prefers sun.Depending upon the variety it is either a small tree,or a small shrub.

Homes typically line much of the inter coastal water ways of Tampa Bay and almost all of these homes contain boat docks. Residential boat docks (especially ones with lights on in the evening) usually yield all kinds of fish species. One obvious reason for this is the cover and hiding spots the actual dock offers. There are also many species of fish that feed on the algae and barnacles that grow on the pilings supporting these structures. Hoards of bait fish are attracted to the light fixtures many home owners install under their docks and predatory fish obviously hang out there to feed as well.

While this is common practice there is precious little you will learn from this experience. You need to observe and ask questions if you want to learn anything about the process and the choices of equipment and lure the guide is using. Many guides and charter fishing boat services are always willing to answer questions and explain why they do the things they do. This is important if you want to learn how to deep sea fish on your own.

Most of the time, beach buggies are used by surf fishers in spotting the best areas to surf fish. If you re planning to have one in your surf fishing adventure, make sure you secure a permit for the said vehicle as this can sometimes be restricted or totally not allowed. A good surf fishing guide will help you learn everything you need to know about this exciting sport.

Fishing Season – Try Another Good Catch!

Are you searching for Tampa criminals or Tampa Bay FL mugshots? Probably, you are not sure about how to go about the process. For you to be able to find the easy and quick results, you actually need a really reliable database so that you will be able to obtain the kind of information that you need. You will surely be able to find what you are looking for when you search carefully.

The Arctic, Western Alaska and Interior regions differ greatly from the southern areas. The Arctic and Western areas tampa fishing charters are treeless plains while forests blanket the Interior. The Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers are known for their salmon, while Grayling tops the freshwater species that include Pike, Char, Trout and Burbot.

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This event is an outdoor writer’s dream come true. Idle time, what there was of it, was filled with meeting new friends and telling fish stories. Time not spent eating and talking fishing was spent fishing. Each writer is assigned a fishing guide to fish with on the first morning of the event. Armed with a collection of D.O.A. lures the fishing parties venture out into the waters surrounding the Jensen Beach area. Basically the fishing area included the Indian River from Fort Pierce to Stuart and the Saint Lucie River in the Stuart area. A few anglers also ventured out into the Atlantic Ocean.

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For people who are not yet familiar with tampa florida fishing for halibut, it is part of the flatfish family, just like the flounder. As a matter of fact, the flounder and the halibut look very similar, although the halibut is much larger. The average weight of the halibut is around 25 pounds, but they can reach up to 500 pounds. They will usually feed on anything that they can fit their mouths in. Getting them to bite your bait isn’t so hard, but the challenge comes from getting them into the boat. Most halibut are really large, so getting them on board the boat can prove a real challenge.

Be cautious in choosing the fishing lodge. There are times that fishing lodge offers a free service from a guide that is equipped in their vacation package.

Native-It comes back after a freeze. This blooms up to noon and the flowers last one day. The lavender-blue flowers are on a delicate appearing, branching 10-12 inch plant.

The Silver Salmon starts in the beginning part of August, and goes through late September. The Togiak Silvers are generally the biggest in the state. They weigh anywhere from 12-14 pounds, although in rare instances they can get up to 20 pounds.

There are a number of ways to get to fishing spots. The easiest, you just drive up, get out of the car, tramp out across the lake and start fishing. But for the more adventurous you can snowmobile out to a more secluded spot or really go for it and hire a light plane to take you to the more remote areas of Ontario. Whatever you do you will see beautiful winter scenery and have some of the best fishing of your life.

Gold Secrets is all about keeping gold farming from getting boring. You have numerous ways to make gold at whatever pace you want too. This guide will give you a huge boost of confidence in your gold farming abilities.

Fish About! Islamorada – Florida Fishing

This article mentions some of the worst cases in oil spill history in recent times. You can read on to understand the facts related to these oil spills.

Again with hook in hand and a couple wiggler’s firmly secured, I cast just a few feet away to have a repeat of the same disappearance of my floater within a few seconds.

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Take a look at our florida fishing page to find more information on the Space Coast, Florida Keys, Sanibel Island and other popular fishing destinations in Florida.

According to Dr. Adams, stomach contents of Snook during the winter contained a lot of crab parts. A recent experience supports this research. A group of us from the tampa bay fishing Fishing Club went wade fishing near the one of the bays on the south side of Tampa Bay. Water temperature was below sixty degrees. A cold northeast wind greeted us early in the morning, making our wool hats and gloves a welcome addition to our insulated waders.

There’s this cottage industry of people like Pam Geller and Zuhdi Jasser peddling fear and hatred across America. Robert Spencer came to Tennessee and charged people to hear him tell tampa bay fishing guide people to hate and fear their neighbors in a church.

God definitely has a sense of humor. He was setting me up and I didn’t have a clue about what was about to happen. I just knew that it was a little scary to look out over the gulf and know that you’re the only one in the entire world that is enjoying this beach at this particular place and at this time.

Here’s one last bit of advice when old fishing lures for shad on the St Johns River. Keep and eye out for the flocks of white pelicans. I can’t say for sure there is a correlation between the two, but I’ve sure caught a lot of shad around the big white birds.

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