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Tampa is home to largest saltwater estuary in the state of Florida – Tampa Bay. In this, the area is home to some of the best fishing across the entire southeast United States. Many anglers have made a home here due to this fact, while a select few have made the jump into becoming full-time Tampa fishing guides. 

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How Are Small Boats Made?

Small watercraft are becoming quite the rage nowadays and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Small watercraft have been around since the dawn of time and have been made out of all sorts or materials. Everything from tree trunks, to bamboo rafts and even stretched animal hide have seen the water. All served their purposes with pros and cons for each different material and that same principal continues today. Although the processes and materials are much more technologically advanced, it all boils down to functionality. Let’s have a look at some ways of how small watercraft manufactures  are making their boats. Continue reading “How Are Small Boats Made?”

Sun Protection Clothing For Males To Stay Safe And Also Fun Outdoors

Over and over again the experts repeatedly are saying to take care of your skin. To look younger in the long run, one must act now. There are many choices that claim to help protect our skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Continue reading “Sun Protection Clothing For Males To Stay Safe And Also Fun Outdoors”

Hawaiian Cruise Vacation Resources

A cruise is very different from any other type of vacation. If you’ve never been on one before, you’ll want to know what to expect and what to be prepared for. With a little knowledge on how to avoid hassles, a cruise can be the getaway of a lifetime. Continue reading “Hawaiian Cruise Vacation Resources”

Details About Fishing Charters On Lake Ontario

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Those shopping for saltwater fly fishing rods have a number of factors to consider. A saltwater rod is different from a freshwater rod. There are also differences between fly fishing rods and other types of fishing rods. When shopping for a rod, it is important to buy one that is appropriate for the type of fishing you are planning to do. Otherwise, you run the risk of your brand new rod being damaged or ruined. If you are going to spend the time and money to invest in a fishing rod, make sure you choice the right one for you.

MANATEES, THE SLOWEST MAMMAL ON MOSQUITO LAKE Manatees are massive, gray mammals with tails that are in the form of flat paddles. They have two flippers with 3 to 4 nails on each. Their heads are wrinkled with whiskers on their muzzles. Most Manatees weigh over one thousand pounds, can grow up to 14 feet and live to be about 60 years old. lots of years ago sailors frequently would mistake Manatees for mermaids. They eat between 20 and sixty pounds of plants and sea grass every day. Manatees do not have teeth, but they do have front molars. They have incredibly good visual acuity. Manatees could also be found in the coastal and inland waterways of Central America and along the northern coast of South America.

fishing charters

The best Florida fishing charters are known not only for their experience, but they are also known for their ability to effectively share their skills and secrets with their customers in an entertaining manner. Not only will he make sure you catch fish, but he will do it in such a way as to make you want to return and do it again with him. A good guide knows that being a great successful guide isn’t so much about how many fish he can catch, but how much repeat business he can generate.

florida fishing on Lake Kissimmee isn’t limited to bass. Anglers can also find crappie, bluegills and shellcrackers on their Central Florida vacation.

Not unlike other types of fishing, your saltwater fishing rod will be taking on the weight of a fish at awkward angles, not to mention the tug-of-war it will go through with an ornery fish that doesn’t want to be caught. But your saltwater fishing rod will have to take even more pressure and weight. Saltwater fish are not your typical river fish. You cannot compare a tuna and marlin with a river fish or rainbow trout. Saltwater fish are bigger, wilder, and more aggressive. And if you don’t have a saltwater fishing rod that’s ready for action, you will not only loose your fish, but your dreams.

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What he’ll believe he’s seeing is a small shoal of baitfish playing around on the surface, one of which is in trouble, straggling off the back away from the others. This poor fellow is your lure – the obvious target.

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