Everyone has their own idea when it comes to Alaska, especially if they have never been there. Some think of how it’s always cold and snowy, some think about how it’s dark for half the year and light for the other half. Some think about the ruggedness of the terrain or the northern lights or even the immense amount of wildlife. Alaska is a vast place—663,000 square miles vast, and depending on where you are in the state, all the above holds true. But there is a small area to the southeast that often gets overlooked when thinking about Alaska. One place in particular located within that region, called Ketchikan, is one such place. Although Ketchikan is known for its rich culture and history, its incredible fishing, and countless outdoor activities, there is something else unique to its area: the weather. I know, I know, how can weather be exciting? Well let’s find out. Continue reading “Weather in Ketchikan”